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Globali is an educational tool that lets you learn geography in a fun and easy way!
Check out the 2 minute NBC News video.

NBC News:
"Globali is a brainstorm of clever rhymes and mnemonics that kids won't forget!"
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EDPLAY Magazine:
"Globali makes geography stick!"

Geography Teacher Lynn Goffin:
"Children learn a great deal from Globali and it will stay with them for a very long time!"

Globali is a 5 page laminated booklet that gives you :
- over 100 memory associations (mnemonics)
- 5 color outline maps
- 5 regular maps
- and an erasable marker.

Globali is for ages 8-80 and is not an internet or CD-ROM game. It is a low-tech inexpensive yet highly effective way to learn geography.

Globali International, 430 East 86th St./ Suite 10B, NY, NY 10028
Phone: 212-628-1707; www.globali.org,  For questions contact

You are presently looking at www.Globali.org.

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